Music Master Professional

Music Master Professional provides tight linking of MIDI and notation events for fast and accurate song composition. It has many powerful sequencing, audio and notation features that allows you to compose and edit songs quickly and easily, moving from a “blank sheet” to a finished song ready for playing, printing or both.

Sequencing (Global Editor)

  • Sequencing on unlimited MIDI and Audio tracks
  • Floating or fixed transport bar for all sequencing functions
  • Replace and overdub recording with loop layering
  • Record tempo changes, grades and pauses in real time
  • Voice selection by name sets bank/voice parameters
  • Synchronize with devices using MMC, MTC & MIDI clock
  • Load/save MIDI files including lyrics in formats 0 & 1
  • Import and export Wave files from audio tracks
  • Pre-defined maps & kits for synthesizers & drum modules
  • Double bank switching available for synths which support this
  • Remap songs to other synths supporting to & from GM/GS easily
  • Consistent cut and paste for MIDI and Audio tracks
  • Seamless delayed locate & play for flexible live performance
  • Synchronize with video clips for film scoring


  • Editors - global, keyboard, drum, event, mixdown, tempo, notation
  • Consistent editing operation across all editors
  • Cut, copy, paste, transpose, insert space, quantize, merge
  • Infinite Undo/Redo on all transactions including recording
  • Colour-coded families and note velocities for quick recognition
  • Quantize to formula, or groove to another track or preset rhythm
  • Note velocity editing - gain, compression, expansion & limiting
  • Balloon & hint text (including keyboard shortcuts) on all icons
  • Floating toolbars for user configuration of screen layout
  • Full context-sensitive help for ease of use


  • Choose from individual parts to a complete conductor score
  • Song & Track Notation Rules pages for quick & powerful editing
  • Instrument selection auto sets family, transposition & note range
  • Concert or transposed pitch for each instrument
  • Automated drum notation using selected drum kit(s)
  • MIDI meaning for notation symbols eg dynamics, accents
  • Plays all structure markings eg repeats, codas, fines
  • Full automatic chord analysis with guitar chord chart
  • Fully scalable notation for conductor scores
  • Export notation to other page layout software

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, 10