About Datasonics

Since its formation in 1988, Datasonics has been producing an internationally successful line of music software products for the professional, educational and home markets. In early 2001, Datasonics identified a significant opportunity in the educational market for software that could teach students the fundamentals of musicianship, composition and publishing. Drawing upon their own expertise and the curricula requirements of the (Australian) state Departments of Education, Datasonics created the Mastering Music™ software system to address these gaps in the market.

Datasonics’ business is developing, marketing and selling Mastering Music™ to the education sector, both nationally and internationally. Mastering Music™ is unique in that it provides a complete curriculum-based solution for teaching and learning music for school students aged 10-Adult, not currently available in any other music software.

  Datasonics received an Australian Government Grant in 1988 to create novel recording software that allowed musicians to compose and notate their music. This was originally developed as a DOS application and later re-developed under Microsoft Windows®. Datasonics’ music software products have been recognised worldwide as innovative and leading-edge, as is clearly demonstrated by some of its achievements.
  • Received Australian Government Grant to write innovative music software
  • Was granted approval as a supplier to NSW Government of unique ICT products and services under contract 2351 in the area of music e-learning software
  • Was awarded entry to the Australian Technology Showcase (ATS) in 2000 because of innovative leading-edge Australian technology
  • Worked with Roland Japan, one of the music industry heavy weights in providing a software engine and user-interface to the Roland VS (Virtual Studio) Workstation for digital recording (called VS Pro™)
  • Has received approval for Mastering Music™ and is a registered Content Provider with UK Curriculum Online
  • Was awarded a COMET grant to take the e-learning products to the education marketplace worldwide
  • Won a coveted place on the Austrade stand at both the 2004 and 2005 British Education Technology Show (BETT) in London