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Mastering Music Online

learn music online

anywhere, any device, any time

  • Totally online with nothing to install
  • 400+ curriculum-based lessons for Years K-12
  • Real-time recording from synth keyboard
  • Sync to youtube video using drag/drop
  • Single sign-in; no class lists required
  • Google Classroom for lesson assignment
  • Microsoft Education application
  • Works with any Learning Management System
  • Embedded option for Canvas LMS
  • Cloud storage on Google Drive or One Drive
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Music Master is sequencing, notation and audio software for Windows. It provides unlimited MIDI and audio tracks and quickly turns MIDI into audio to export your stereo mix, plus tight linking of MIDI and notation for fast and accurate song writing to quickly move from a "blank sheet" to a finished song ready for playing, printing or both.
"Whether arranging for orchestra, or writing a film score, or doing commercial arrangements, I need a music sequencer that's easy to grasp and intuitive to use and I need a fast, efficient score-writing
facility. MUSIC MASTER has both. It's a beautifully integrated sequencer and notation package designed by musicians for musicians - try it and believe!"
Christopher Norton, Commercial Composer and
Author of the Microjazz Series, Leeds, United Kingdom
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VS Pro is a graphical control interface for the Roland VS Digital Audio Workstations via MIDI. It supports all of the VS880, VS880VX, VSR880, VS890, VS1680, VS1880 & VS1824CD in any and all configurations. It controls operations such as recording, audio cut and paste, automated mixing and FX control.
"I am FunkyBeat and I am a VS Pro user. After spending weeks testing the software, I was hooked. I use VS Pro with my linked VS-1880 and VS-890. The VGA support from VS Pro has taken my recording experience to a whole new level. I can't believe I didn't know about this software years ago!"
Vince Gibbs - AKA FunkyBeat, Creator and Moderator of the independent VS Pro User Forum and Co-author of Roland VS Recorder Power, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
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