Drum Patterns

You can download new drum pattern files as they become available.
These can be used both as drum patterns that you can load into your songs, and as groove quantize patterns to match a desired feel.

These patterns are available in the song Drums.msw that is provided with Music Master Professional and VS Pro.

Note that all these files are included in the latest software updates.

Drum Patterns 
16beat1 16beat2 16beat3 16beat4 8beat1 8beat2 8beat3 8beat4
africa1 africa2 ballad1 ballad2 baroque1 baroque2 beguine1 beguine2
bigband1 bigband2 boogie1 boogie2 bossa1 bossa2 chacha1 chacha2
charles1 charles2 country1 country2 dance1 dance2 dixie1 dixie2
foxtrot1 foxtrot2 funk1 funk2 fusion1 fusion2 house1 house2
latin1 latin2 mambo1 mambo2 march1 march2 polka1 polka2
r&roll1 r&roll2 rap1 rap2 reggae1 reggae2 rhumba1 rhumba2
rock1 rock2 salsa1 salsa2 samba1 samba2 shuffle1 shuffle2
slwrock1 slwrock2 slswing1 slswing2 slwaltz1 slwaltz2 swing1 swing2
tango1 tango2 twist1 twist2 waltz1 waltz2