The music lessons have been structured into four learning areas:
  • Performing (playing songs on your chosen instrument)
  • Composing (experimenting with creating and editing music)
  • Publishing (learning about writing and printing notation)
  • Musicianship (exercises that help to understand the language of music)

Each of these learning areas includes a number of lesson topics each containing:
  • Multiple tasks with increasing degree of difficulty catering for personalized learning
  • Instructional and video help to assist in completing lesson tasks
  • Curriculum Details - aims, activities, outcomes & assessment for each lesson topic
  • Related Lessons - a list of related lessons on similar topics

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Mastering Music for
School Educators

  • Per Student Licence
  • Year and Class Lesson Plans
  • Track Student Progress
  • Student Home Use
  • Ages 8 - 18
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Mastering Music for
Private Music Teachers

  • Instrument Tuition
  • Music Accompaniment
  • Customize Lessons
  • Music Theory
  • Ear Training
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Mastering Music for

  • Performance Practice
  • Auto Instrument Transposition
  • Compose/Notate Songs
  • Learn Music Theory
  • Train your Ear
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