Mastering Music for Private Music Teachers

One of the major challenges facing Private Music Teachers is getting their students through their music exams. If their students are wind or string players this normally involves finding an accompanist (this can be expensive) or somehow getting the accompaniment for their students' pieces. If the accompaniment is available on a CD then the student can play along with that, but, of course, the CD cannot be slowed down while the students are learning their pieces. So what do you do?

Mastering Music™ has the solution in just a few steps.

Mastering Music Lessons


Perform songs from beginner through to advanced for all musical styles including folk, rock, ballad, jazz and classical. All instruments, vocal, choir and orchestra. Includes improvising as well.

Composing, Instrumentation, Arranging, Digital Audio, Tempo, Quantizing, Editing, Mixing, Remix, Drum Loops, Film Scoring and lots
more fun activities!

All aspect of notation including notes, dynamics, chords, lyrics, instrument ranges, rhythmic beaming, time signatures, repeats, 1st and 2nd endings, codas, fines and publishing layout.

Ear training and music theory for intervals, chords, scales and cadences, rhythmic and melodic dictation, clefs, key signatures, harmonizing melodies and much more.
  • Instrument Tuition
  • Music Accompaniment
  • Customize Lessons
  • Music Theory
  • Ear Training
Trial Mastering Music for 30 days
including Music Master Professional
composing/notation/audio software
AU$19.80 (inc. GST of 10%)
per student per year
(minimum of 10 students)