Essentials of Music Theory (EMT) is an online resource structured into 18 units, each containing concise lesson sequence, exercises, ear training and a unit review for complete learning comprehension in music. It is designed for ages 8 to adult and provides administrator, educator and student profiles for complete system control. It tracks each student's progress by computer assessment including extraction of marks to a spreadsheet and provides flexible delivery of curriculum through the addition of custom lessons, lesson plans and test papers.
  1. Notes, Staff, Treble and Bass Staves and Clefs, Leger Lines
  2. Note and Rest Values, 4/4 Time Signature, Bar, Bar line and Double Bar
  3. 2/4 and 3/4 Time Signatures, Dotted Minims, Ties and Slurs
  4. Repeat Signs, 1st and 2nd Endings, Quaver and Quaver Rests, Dotted Crotchets
  5. Dynamics, Tempo Marks, Articulation, Codas and Fines
  6. Flats, Sharps, Naturals, Semitones and Tones and Enharmonic Notes
  7. Major Scales and Key Signatures
  8. Chromatic Scales, Intervals and Circle of Fifths Key Signatures
  9. Perfect, Major, Minor, Augmented and Diminished Intervals, Solfa and Transposition
  10. Semiquavers and Semiquaver Rests, Dotted Quavers, Common and Cut Times
  11. 3/8 and 6/8 Time Signatures, Quaver Triplets, Anacrusis and Syncopation
  12. Major Triads, Scale Degree Names, Dominant 7th Chord
  13. Chord Inversions, Figured Bass, Major Chord Progressions
  14. Minor Scales, Minor, Augmented and Diminished Triads
  15. Minor Key Triads, Minor Chord Progressions, Major Scale Modes, Minor Scale Modes
  16. Harmonising a Major Key Melody, Broken Chords, Passing Notes, Composing in Major Key
  17. Harmonising a Minor Key Melody, Composing in Minor Key, 12-Bar Blues, Blues Scale
  18. Musical Forms - Motive and Phrase, Binary and Ternary Forms, Rondo Form
Sample videos showing an exercise in missing beats and lesson in tempo marks.
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