Teacher Professional Development Course
Using Mastering Music to FLIP Your Classroom
Course Outline:
This five hour course uses Mastering Music online course in a FLIPPED Learning and FLIPPED Classroom environment to engage students in learning music. On completion of this course, the classroom teacher will be given, free-of-charge, a single licence of Mastering Music to use in their classroom with their students.
1. Review FLIPPED Learning and the FLIPPED Classroom what it is and how it works (30 mins)
2. An Outline of Mastering Music Modular Design, Tracking Progress, Assessment, Class Management (60 mins)
3. Class Management Setting up classes, importing and adding students; NSIP and SIF, Google Classroom (60 mins)
4. Planning Units of Work examining contents, planning classroom activities, setting homework (60 mins)
5. Monitoring Student Progress using Class Management to determine students that require assistance (45 mins)
6. Assessment Results using Class Management and exporting results; NSIP and SIF, Google Classroom (30 mins)
7. Fill out Evaluation Form (15 mins)
Course Cost
5 hours

Completing Using Mastering Music to FLIP Your Classroom will contribute 5 hours towards maintaining Teacher Accreditation addressing 2.2.2, 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

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