Music Master Professional

  Music Master Professional provides tight linking of MIDI and notation events for fast and accurate song composition. It allows the user to quickly move from a “blank sheet” to a finished song ready for playing, printing or both. 

Music Master Professional has many powerful sequencing, audio and notation features to allow you to compose and edit songs quickly and easily:

• Sequencing on unlimited MIDI tracks 
• Audio on unlimited Audio tracks (dependant on PC & Audio Hardware)
• Up to 9 songs can be loaded simultaneously 
• Replace and overdub recording with loop layering 
• Record tempo changes, grades and pauses in real time 
• Voice selection by name automatically sets bank and voice parameters 
• Synchronize with other devices using MMC, MTC and MIDI clock 
• Load and save MIDI files including lyrics in both formats 0 and 1 
• Import and export Wave files from audio tracks
• Pre-defined maps and kits for most drum modules and synthesizers 
• Double bank switching available for those synths which support this 
• Remap songs to other synths supporting to and from GM/GS easily 
• Automatic Local Off at start up time if desired 
• Seamless delayed locate and play for flexible live performance 

• Editors - global, keyboard, tempo, notation, drum, event, mixdown 
• Consistent editing operation across all editors 
• Infinite Undo/Redo on all transactions including recording 
• Consistent part editing at the global and track levels 
• Colour-coded families and note velocities for quick recognition 
• Quantize to formula, or groove to another track or preset rhythm 
• Note velocity editing includes gain, compression, expansion and limiting 
• Balloon text and hint text (including keyboard shortcuts) on all icons 
• Floating toolbars for user configuration of screen layout 
• Full online context-sensitive help for ease of use with popups on all pictures 

• User can choose from individual parts to a complete conductor score 
• WYSIWYG display in standard notation pages with unlimited staves 
• Instrument selection auto sets family, transposition & note range
• Concert or transposed pitch for each instrument 
• Automated drum notation using selected drum kit(s) 
• MIDI meaning for notation symbols eg dynamics, accents 
• Plays all structure markings eg repeats, codas, fines 
• Full automatic chord analysis with guitar chord chart 
• Fully scalable for conductor scores (20% to 200%) in 1% increments 
• Export notation to other page layout software 

System Requirements 
Computer:  Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
Printers: All Windows compatible printers

Music Master Professional Sample Notation
Music Master Professional Questions and Answers

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