It all started when Datasonics was contacted by a number of school teachers who were facing the challenge of implementing music technology at their schools.

The issues facing those music teachers were:
  • Limited time to prepare lessons and be creative in extending students
  • A need to meet individual student needs and assess their performances
  • A requirement for tools that could be easily mastered by themselves and their students
  • A product that would assist them to meet the requirements of the curriculum.

The following video will show you how Mastering Music helps to solve these critical challenges!
Mastering Music™ is:
  • Educational - provides musical learning experiences in performing, composing & listening
  • Comprehensive - contains a series of over 400 self-paced, multi-task lessons working in an integrated environment delivering musical outcomes in performing, composing, notation, digital audio, ear training, music theory and film scoring
  • Creative - promotes an environment for teacher innovation with lesson material across all genres and styles
  • Engaging - motivates students to achieve better musical outcomes through greater lesson enjoyment
  • Flexible - delivered on the web or network providing learning anywhere, anytime at any pace
  • Supportive - includes help screens/video tutorials for every lesson, teacher guides & student record-keeping
  • Powerful - includes Music Master Professional sequencing, notation and audio software
The music lessons have been structured into four learning areas:
  • Performing (playing songs on your chosen instrument)
  • Composing (experimenting with creating and editing music)
  • Publishing (learning about writing and printing notation)
  • Musicianship (exercises that help to understand the language of music)

Each of these learning areas contains a number of lesson topics. Each lesson topic contains:
  • Multiple lesson tasks with increasing degree of difficulty catering for personalized learning
  • Instructional and video help to assist in completing lesson tasks
  • Curriculum Details - aims & objectives, activities, outcomes & assessment for that lesson topic
  • Related Lessons - a list of related lessons on similar topics
Click the following link to view the Mastering Music Product Range and to choose the Mastering Music Product that will best suit your needs.